We are Oncology Experts

Team, Systems and Processes

Focusing 100% of our expertise on oncology, TRIO understands the particularities and challenges of cancer trials and have adapted and tailored our processes, resources and systems for optimum execution.

What’s more, we have a team of oncologists in our Advisory Committees and on staff. This translates into ongoing training that keeps our team current, drives positive interactions with our Investigator Network and ensures quality data.

Translational Research

In 1999, TRIO became one of the first groups to successfully establish a pre-randomization tumor tissue acquisition and central laboratory process. With the established role of personalized medicine, all TRIO studies continue to require biological samples for the purpose of protocol-specified translational research.

Together with Dr. Michael Press (TRIO’s molecular pathologist from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles) and Dr. Dennis Slamon and their partners, TRIO continues to excel in the collection and maintenance of our samples acquisition process. Through TRIO’s translational process, many hypotheses have been generated and confirmed—all as our knowledge and understanding of the molecular basis of cancer continue to grow.

A Track Record of Success

With world-class leadership and operations teams, TRIO is here to optimize cancer clinical trials from early phase to registration trials. Over the last 25 years, we’ve completed enrollment in all our phase III trials on time—delivering high-quality results to our Sponsors.

Inspired to advance translational cancer research and bring novel, targeted therapeutic concepts into the clinical trial setting, our goal is to change the lives of cancer patients and conduct the best cancer clinical trials. We’re succeeding. Four of the registration trials we’ve conducted have led to the approval of a drug or regimen.

Flexible, Agile and Solutions-Focused

TRIO has the capabilities to provide all the services required to conduct a range of trials—from First-in-Human to registrational oncology trials. We understand the needs of our customers may differ; some may have internal assets they want to leverage for their trials. We’re open to adapting our service portfolio, working with other CROs, operating under Sponsor SOPs or executing on our own. That’s the benefit of a CRO like TRIO; we can pivot and adapt to pinpoint and meet your unique needs.

Our Reach

We’re global. TRIO has three hubs, in North America, Europe and Latin America. We have staff on every continent and hold a network of 500 highly experienced, investigational sites in 24 countries and five continents.

Leveraging the full focus of our integrated team, we consistently achieve superior enrollment rates compared to our competitors. Here, we’re committed to conducting the best cancer clinical trials—delivering the results that matter sooner.

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