TRIO was founded to support advanced research in oncology with accelerated enrollment of cancer patients in global cancer trials, even in competing environments. Successful since 1997, we’re here to bring our expertise to your trials.

We Put Patients First

At TRIO, we know that patients who are actively involved in their healthcare are more willing to participate in cancer trials, have increased compliance and experience greater satisfaction with their care. That’s why we:

  • Established a long-lasting and close relationship with a leading patient advocacy group, the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC)
    • NBCC provides patient-centric insight into clinical trial design and implementation, supporting accrual and retention for clinical trials, analyzing and evaluating patient-facing materials, disseminating results, and keeping researchers and clinicians focused on meaningful outcomes
    • NBCC’s extensive global network of patient advocates receive training from world-class experts in breast cancer research, which brings TRIO to the lived experience of breast cancer survivors
    • NBCC’s President, Fran Visco, is a member of the TRIO Board of Directors and its Chief Programs Officer, Michelle Tregear, sits on TRIO’s Breast Cancer Scientific Committee
  • Leverage our global network and resources to not only educate patients on trial participation and the importance of trial adherence, but to inform the right patient populations on trial opportunities
  • Consider the patient’s perspective in trial planning and execution, engaging patient advocates in trial Steering Committees whenever possible

We Expedite First-Patient-In

We understand the importance of expediting the enrollment of the first patient in a clinical trial. With TRIO-US SMO, our sister organization, we’ve established optimal mechanisms with a pool of pre-selected US sites to expedite trial activation: one central IRB and one site agreement. Taking advantage of the favorable regulatory environment in the US, we can guarantee enrollment of the first patient within 100 days of the protocol package.

We Complete Enrollment Faster, Leveraging our International Collaborations

While enrollment of the first patient is important, we know the timely enrollment of the last patient is critical to trial timelines.

Our clinical research partnerships and international network of Investigators have repeatedly proven their ability to accelerate enrollment, while providing registration-quality data. Here, we execute trials globally and have long-standing partnerships with prominent national groups, including:


Founded in 1995, GEICAM is a not-for-profit organization that leads academic breast cancer research in Spain. It has carried out over 100 studies involving more than 66,000 women and men. Now comprised of more than 900 experts in over 200 Spanish hospitals, GEICAM’s mission is to promote independent clinical, epidemiological, and translational research in oncology—with a multidisciplinary approach and under quality criteria—to improve health outcomes, prevention, medical education, and knowledge to patients and general society.


Korean Cancer Study Group (KCSG) is the nation’s leader in multi-institutional clinical trials for cancer treatment. Since 1998, KCSG has been dedicated to the advancement of clinical and translational cancer research through multi-institutional clinical trials in Korea. With a highly-interconnected network of 110+ cancer centers in Korea and 200+ clinical trials conducted since its inception, KCSG has been paving the way for a cancer-free world.


GAICO is a cooperative oncology research group that consists of ~30 Argentinean research centers. A non-profit organization, GAICO can design and develop its own clinical trials or work in collaboration with other academic entities or pharmaceutical companies. GAICO’s goal is to promote knowledge and exchange best practices with local and foreign scientific entities. It works to enhance the participation and recruitment of patients in clinical trials and contribute to the progress of clinical oncology.


Cancer Trials Ireland is a registered charity and the leading cancer research trials organization in Ireland. Its goal: provide every cancer patient with access to high-quality and potentially life-altering cancer trials. Over the past two decades, almost 31,000 (30,770) people have taken part in nearly 800 (786) cancer clinical trials. Cancer Trials Ireland is partly funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Cancer Society with additional income from pharmaceutical companies, international research groups, philanthropic giving and public donations.

We Leverage Our Global Site Network

Out of 2,000 institutions in 50+ countries where we’ve operated, we curated the TRIO Top Tier Sites Network, composed of 500 highly experienced, sought-after cancer centers in 24 countries and five continents. We know high-quality sites are at the core of successful clinical trials—those are the ones in our Network.

Our Global Site Network Delivers Proven Results

We work hard to build strong, long-lasting relationships with sites across the globe. We not only identify and select the best sites, we continually measure their performance to ensure our Top Tier Sites Network is unsurpassed. This translates into results. TRIO has consistently achieved superior enrollment rates compared to our competitors, delivering results that matter faster. All our phase III trials completed enrollment on time—if not sooner.