Monitoring Resources
Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Medical Operations

TRIO’s medical team is composed of highly motivated medical oncologists, most of which are practicing physicians. They are a key part of the clinical operations team and are involved in each clinical trial from the study conception/design phase with protocol development through to medical monitoring and trainings, review of patient data and then finishing with the medical writing of clinical study reports, presentations and publications.

They work along with other TRIO departments and are involved in any activity that may require medical input which could range from reviewing a CRF or responding to an Ethics Committee, to working with the Drug Safety Team in safety signal detection, among many others.

They are also in charge of the periodic training of TRIO staff in medical aspects relevant for conducting our trials.

They work closely with the investigational sites to address study-related medical questions and with the medical teams from the sponsor to ensure an appropriate medical oversight of TRIO trials.