Since our inception in 1997, TRIO has been at the forefront of cancer clinical research. A core component of our success in trial execution has been, and always will be, collaborations with engaged international Investigators. In our network, we:

  • Involve Investigators from all over the globe
  • Build long-lasting relationships with Investigators and site staff
  • Encourage Investigators to participate in trial leadership roles (e.g., National Coordinators, Steering Committee, etc.)
  • Recognize the contributions of Investigators in publication authorship

Join the TRIO Network

TRIO’s investigator network is integral to how we conduct trials. When you participate in a trial, you play a critical role on our team and will receive:

  • Invitations for new trials
  • Periodic communications from us regarding the latest news and information on our trials and the science behind them
  • Invitations to our events

You’ll also have the opportunity to join a group that’s led by Dr. Dennis Slamon, whose work has changed the treatment landscape in breast cancer!

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